Sygic GPS Navigation for Android (version 18.x)

Free app with option to subscribe to Premium.

How to activate Premium+ in Sygic GPS navigation for Android?

Make sure that the Sygic GPS Navigation application is installed on your device first. For a detailed guide on how to install the app, check out the article How To Install Sygic.
To activate Premium+ for Sygic GPS Navigation follow the guides below:

How to Activate by signing in

For more information about using your Sygic account, click here.

The easiest way to activate licenses in Sygic is to sign in with your Sygic account - you do not always need a product code. To activate these products, you just need to go to our app's Menu → Sign In, enter your account email, password and then sign in.

If you forgot your password, you can reset it using this link.

In the past, you could purchase licenses and products that were activated differently. Below, you will find steps explaining how to activate those products, if they do not activate by signing in.

How to Activate with product code

If you've bought a premium license which has a product code, you can activate it this way:

  1. Start the Sygic GPS Navigation app
  2. Go to Menu → Sygic Store → Activate license → Activate product code, and enter your code
  3. When finished typing the product code select "OK"
  4. Your paid features are now activated

Please note that you can verify the activation status of your paid licenses anytime via Sygic's Menu → Sygic Store → All your licenses.

How to activate a purchase where Google Play was used for payment

The initial activation is automatic as soon as the payment completes. To activate it again later in case you reset or replace your Android device, all you need to make sure is that you're signed in to Google Play Store with the same account that was used to make the purchase. You can then use the "Restore Google Play" option found in our app's Menu → Sygic Store → Activate license.

What if the app doesn't accept my code and says Invalid product code?

That error message means you entered one or more characters of the code wrong. Please check your input and try again - the most common mistakes are a the use of a number instead of a letter (like the letter "I" instead of the number "1" or vice versa).

What if the app doesn't accept my code and says Your code is not valid for this edition of Sygic?

The message means you are activating your code in a different app than the code is supposed to be activated. Please check the email you got after the purchase, there is a link to the app the code is meant to work in.

The app is showing Activation limit reached and wants me to buy a new license!

If the app is showing this error message, that means you have reached the limit for the amount of devices you may activate your code on. Please scroll down and press the Transfer button - this option will deactivate the license on the device you first activated your code on and activate it on the new one. Please note though that you may receive an error message stating that the maximum amount of transfers has been reached and that you should consider buying a new license - this may happen if you activate your code or license many times through the period of one year. It is a security measure to prevent license sharing beyond the usual scope of use.

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