Sygic GPS Navigation for Android (version 18.x)

Free app with option to subscribe to Premium.

How to install the Sygic app

The installation is always free for everyone, users who already made some purchase for the app can activate it after the free installation completes. Like most other apps for Android, Sygic GPS Navigation can be downloaded and installed in Google Play Store.

Here is a step by step description of the installation and first start of the Sygic application.

  1. Open Google Play Store in your phone or tablet. The Play Store icon will usually be found on the home screen.
  2. Search for “Sygic GPS Navigation”. Select the app called “Sygic - Offline Maps & Navigation” – this is the more descriptive name under which the app is currently listed in the Play Store.
  3. Tap on the Install button and the app will be downloaded & installed automatically.
  4. When the installation is finished, you can start our app by tapping the Open button in Play Store, or by pressing the Sygic app’s icon which gets added to your home screen.

Opening the Sygic GPS Navigation app for the first time will not immediately put you into its main screen, first there is a very simple initial setup:

  1. This is not applicable to all devices, so you might not see this at all. When Sygic detects that there is an SD card inserted into the phone/tablet, then it will show you a window asking you to choose between internal memory or the SD card for storing the files which the app uses. This can also be done later through the settings in the app.
  2. The first screen which everyone will see, asks you to download your first map. Most people choose the pre-selected country according to where they are currently located.

Note: additional maps can later be downloaded whenever you want, in the app’s menu → Manage Maps, after pressing the "+" symbol in the lower right corner. See the Managing your Maps article for more details.

  1. Next you will be presented with the option to enter your email address. If you do enter your email, then you’ll be entered into our list for receiving Sygic newsletters about app updates and new features, and information about sales & special offers. Entering your email is not required, you can choose to skip it.
  2. Depending on the size of the map for your country, the download can take a few minutes and you will see the progress bar on the screen after step 3 is completed or skipped. When the map download has finished, a "Continue" button appears.
  3. The last step of our setup process is where you give your consent for Sygic using your data according to our privacy policy.
  4. When you enter our app's main screen for the first time, a dialogue window may appear asking you to allow Sygic access to the device location. Select the "Allow" option, since without this our app can't know where you are and navigate you.

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