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Real View Navigation

Real View is an optional add-on feature you can purchase, that will enable a new and unique method of displaying your route and navigation instructions. This technology is also known as „Augmented Reality“ or AR, and while some other apps have used it for different purposes, Sygic is the first to bring it to navigation.

Instead of the classic view where you see the route on a map, Real View draws the line of the route directly over a live image of the road ahead of you which is captured by the camera of your phone or tablet. You just have to place your device so its rear camera has a clear view forward through your windshield.

A major advantage of this mode, is that you can still see what is happening on the road before you, even during moments while you are glancing at the screen of your device.

Real View works anywhere in the world, it doesn’t have any special requirements for your device to be able to use it, and it works offline so no internet connection is required.

Getting and using Real View

The Real View Navigation add-on can be purchased directly from the app, you’ll find it in Sygic Store in the app’s menu.
You can also buy the Real View Navigation from our E-shop by following these steps:

  1. On the E-shop page, scroll down until you see Sygic's add-on features.
  2. Select the Real View Navigation by pressing "Add to cart"
  3. Complete the order by entering your personal information, selecting and using one of the offered Payment methods.

To unlock it after the purchase, please Sign In to the app with the same account email that you used during the purchase of Real View. The same applies when you want to unlock Real View on a new Android device, just Sign In to the app and you will have it unlocked.

To switch to the Real View mode, create a route and start navigation, then press the Real View button in the app’s Quick Menu, which you access by tapping on the 3 dots icon in the bottom right corner of the map. Press the Real View button in the Quick Menu again later to return to the classic map view.


  • Real View does not work with externally connected cameras
  • Real View cannot be used at the same time as the Dashcam feature
  • Are you getting a black screen after you start Real View mode? Please tap on "Submit request" right under this line and provide us with further details about your device model.

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