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Free app with option to buy Premium license.

Head up display

The Head-up display (HUD) allows you to keep your attention on the road and enjoy a safe & comfortable drive by showing you all the navigation instructions projected directly into your line of sight – on the windshield glass.

How to buy the HUD?

You can buy the Head Up Display as an in-app purchase by following these quick steps (they are very similar to buying a Premium license from the app):

  1. Go to Menu → Sygic Store
  2. Select HUD
  3. Complete your purchase using one of the supported payment options.

You can also buy the HUD from our E-shop by following these steps:

  1. On the E-shop page, scroll down until you see Sygic's add-on features.
  2. Select the HUD by pressing "Add to cart"
  3. Complete the order by entering your personal information, selecting and using one of the offered Payment methods.

How to activate HUD?

HUD can be activated by Signing in with your Sygic account.

How to use HUD?

  1. Create and start a route.
  2. Launch HUD in the quick menu (the three-dot button at the bottom right corner of the screen) by tapping on the Head-up display icon.
  3. Now tap anywhere on the screen to display further settings for the HUD feature.
  4. Tap on the middle of the three buttons, "HUD mode", to flip the image so it will reflect correctly.
  5. Place your device on the dashboard of your car under the windshield, with the screen facing up.

    You can adjust the position of the projected image by changing the distance of the device from the windshield.

Additional options and adjustments

After tapping anywhere on the screen while HUD is active, there are several settings and adjustments you can do:

  1. Dark mode: switches between a dark or light background, you can choose whichever you prefer, or which one will provide better visibility of the reflected image under the conditions where you will be using it.
  2. HUD mode: flips the image on the screen upside down and right to left, to make it correct when it reflects from the windshield
  3. Rotation lock: while it's off turn your screen to portrait or landscape mode, then we recommend turning this on to prevent the phone from accidentally changing the orientation while you're driving
  4. Brightness level: adjusting this slider higher will improve the visibility of the reflected image
  5. Layout: select how the screen will be segmented while using HUD
  6. Content: select what type of information will be shown in each screen segment, and which color should be used

Common Questions

What if I am not able to launch HUD and I see a "lock" sign beside it in the quick menu?

This indicates that you still need to activate your purchase. See the "How to activate HUD" section above.

What if I can barely see the navigation instructions on the windshield?

This can happen when using HUD in the daytime. Please keep in mind that HUD to works best at night, due to the light contrast needed for the information to be visible properly.

What if I want to use HUD without creating a route?

You can use it without creating a route, but the types of data it can show will be limited if no route related data exists.

What if I don't see the turn instructions or speed limits on the HUD screen?

When no Premium license is activated, HUD will only display such data which is available in the free/basic version of our app, like current speed and estimated time of arrival for the current route. Turn-by-turn instructions and speed limits will not be shown, since those are part of the Premium features.

What if I see the navigation information projected on the windshield twice?

This can be caused by physical properties of the windshield. The projected image depends on the glass thickness and/or its manufacturing process (some windshields are made from multiple glass layers).

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