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How to navigate to favourites/recents/contacts

Navigating to Favourite Destinations

To view the list of your favourite destinations, select Menu > Navigate to…> Favourites

You can start navigation by selecting a Favourite destination from the list shown.

Menu > Navigate to…> Favourites

Select the desired Favorite destination by tapping it and then select your next option from the Action Menu.

Navigating to Recent Destinations / History

Sygic keeps tracking your recent destinations, making it easy to return to a place that you have been navigated to before.

When entering an address through Menu > Navigate to…> Address or POI , the last address entered is preselected.
When selecting a City or a Street, the list of previous selections will appear.

You can also go directly to a list of recent destinations by selecting Menu >Navigate to…> History and start navigation by selecting a previous destination from the list shown.

Menu > Navigate to…> History

Tap on the item and select action.

Navigating to Contacts

If you want to navigate to a Contact from your phone, you can select their name directly from your contact list:

Menu > Navigate to… > Contacts

In the list, scroll to the desired contact, or tap on the magnifying glass and enter their name. You can also enter partial names.Tap on the name of the Contact and action menu will appear. To set the address assigned to a contact as >your destination, tap the Drive to, Walk there or Travel via button.

NOTE: To set your destination from the contact list, the selected contact must be stored with a full address.

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