Sygic Car Navigation

Navigation app for Android and iOS devices with Mirrorlink, Honda Link and InControl support.

How to use the car connected mode ?

You can connect your smartphone with Mirrorlink support with your Mirrorlink-enabled car using an USB cable.

The Sygic Car navigation must be installed on your device and your phone must be unlocked if you have any password or fingerprint protection enabled. Immediately after you connect your phone, the screen on the phone will go black and you will need to continue on your car dashboard display. Follow the steps on your car dashboard to open Sygic. Sygic Car Navigation should be listed in the apps section.

The Sygic Car Navigation will be displayed on the car dashboard afterwards. You will notice that the user interface is a bit different to make it easier to use while you are behind the wheel.


If you did not create a route before connecting your phone with your car, you will see a map with your location, with "Search" and "Menu" buttons.

If you created a route on your phone before connecting it to your car, you will be able to continue navigating without the need to set up the route.

For more information on how to create / modify routes while connected to your car, please see other articles in this section.

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What is the car connected mode ?

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