Sygic GPS Navigation for iOS (version 20.x)

Free app with option to subscribe to Premium+

How do I install the Sygic app?

The installation is always free for everyone, users who already made some purchase for the app can activate it after the free installation completes. Like all other apps for iOS, Sygic GPS Navigation can be downloaded and installed through the App Store.
Here is a step by step description of the installation:

  1. Open App Store on your device and look for "Sygic".
  2. Tap on "Sygic GPS Navigation" and tap on "GET" button to start download and install process.
  3. Open Sygic GPS Navigation and confirm location permission for the app.
  4. App will recognize the country you are currently in, and will recommend correct map for download. Download the map.
  5. Afterwards you can sign in for our newsletter with your name and e-mail. We will send you news and information about our app. You can also skip this step.

After this brief initial setup, your Sygic app is ready to use!

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Where can I learn how to use and control the Sygic app?

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